Nebraska Activists Submit Signatures for Medical Marijuana Ballot Measures

Nebraska Activists Submit Signatures for Medical Marijuana Ballot Measures

Nebraska’s advocacy group Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana (NMM) has submitted more than 114,000 signatures for each of two medical marijuana legalization initiatives, surpassing the required threshold for ballot qualification. The campaign, which seeks to amend state law to permit medical cannabis use, faces its third attempt to secure voter approval after setbacks in previous election cycles.

The initiatives aim to safeguard doctors recommending cannabis and protect patients from legal penalties for possession and use under state and local laws. Additionally, they propose establishing the Nebraska Medical Cannabis Commission to oversee regulatory aspects of medical marijuana distribution and consumption.

Despite challenges including financial setbacks and legal interventions in past efforts, NMM expressed gratitude to supporters for their continued backing. The campaign emphasized the importance of medical cannabis for thousands of Nebraskans in need, underscoring community-driven efforts in petitioning and fundraising.

While Governor Jim Pillen has voiced opposition, citing concerns over youth safety and FDA approval, NMM remains steadfast in its advocacy, asserting that voters should decide on medical cannabis access. Past legislative attempts to pass medical cannabis bills in Nebraska have faced resistance in the conservative-controlled legislature.

The current initiatives have already surpassed county-based signature requirements and must now achieve broader statewide support to qualify for the November ballot. Advocates began petitioning early last year and continue their push despite ongoing legislative challenges.

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