Maryland Celebrates $1.1 Billion in Legal Cannabis Sales Milestone

Maryland Celebrates $1.1 Billion in Legal Cannabis Sales Milestone

Since Maryland’s adult-use cannabis market launched in July of last year, licensed retailers have collectively sold over $1.1 billion worth of legal marijuana products. According to data released by the Maryland Cannabis Administration, this milestone underscores the robust growth and economic impact of the state’s cannabis industry.

Governor Wes Moore (D) praised the achievement, emphasizing the market’s role in generating significant economic activity. “Our new adult-use cannabis market isn’t only generating extraordinary economic activity – it’s also helping us build new pathways to work, wages, and wealth for all,” stated Moore in a press release on Wednesday. He highlighted the state’s commitment to inclusive growth, ensuring that Marylanders benefit from the burgeoning industry.

The latest figures reveal that in the past month alone, sales exceeded $95 million, with adult-use purchases constituting more than two-thirds of that amount ($67 million). The revenue generated from cannabis sales has also contributed over $40 million in fees to Maryland’s community reinvestment and repair fund, supporting programs aimed at low-income communities and those most impacted by cannabis criminalization.

Maryland’s proactive measures include establishing a state cannabis reference laboratory, the first of its kind in the nation, and launching a business licensing round reserved exclusively for social equity applicants. These initiatives are part of broader efforts to promote equity and diversity within the cannabis industry.

“We are proud of the efforts of the Cannabis Administration staff and our partners in building a safe and equitable market,” commented Maryland Cannabis Administration Director Will Tilburg. “As we look ahead, we anticipate continued growth and innovation as new social equity businesses enter the Maryland market.”

Governor Moore also recently announced pardons for more than 175,000 state-level marijuana possession and paraphernalia convictions, signaling a commitment to criminal justice reform alongside cannabis legalization. Looking beyond cannabis, Maryland has also taken steps to explore legal access to psychedelics through the establishment of a psychedelics task force earlier this year.

The state’s ongoing efforts reflect a comprehensive approach to cannabis policy reform, aiming to create a fair and sustainable industry while addressing historical inequities.

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