California Officials Issue Product Recalls for West Coast Cure Cannabis Products

California Officials Issue Product Recalls for West Coast Cure Cannabis Products

California state officials have issued recalls for five cannabis products manufactured by West Coast Cure (WCC), citing concerns over pesticide contamination. This move comes in response to recent findings of widespread pesticide presence in the state’s adult-use cannabis industry, highlighting ongoing regulatory challenges.

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) announced that the following WCC products are subject to recall:

  • Birthday Cake, 1-gram Curepen
  • Lemon Cooler, 1-gram Curepen
  • Lucky Charmz, 1-gram Curepen
  • Slymer, 1-gram Live Resin Cartridge
  • Watermelon Sorbet, 1-gram Curepen

These products were found to contain chlorfenapyr, a banned pesticide commonly used in greenhouse pest control against caterpillars and mites.

David Hafner, spokesperson for the DCC, emphasized the recall as part of ongoing efforts to eliminate pesticide-contaminated products from the market. In response, WCC defended its compliance practices, stating that all retail products have passed testing by state-licensed cannabis labs and undergo rigorous quality control measures prior to production and packaging.

WCC also criticized the lack of standardized compliance testing procedures, noting that they are not authorized to perform testing under California regulations.

This action follows a previous recall of a cannabis oil cartridge by WCC in late June for similar chlorfenapyr contamination issues. Additionally, a voluntary recall for a specific batch of WCC cannabis flower was initiated on June 12 due to labeling inaccuracies.

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