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Testimonials & Highlights

We know that every convention claims to provide great ROI for exhibitors

Instead of just telling you we provide great ROI, let’s hear what past exhibitors have had to say. Get ready – they were so impressed that sometimes even their words can’t contain all the excitement!


To see how the crowds have grown is unbelievable. We’re very selective about the shows we do; we never miss NECANN.
Lisa Keyser
Our team said it was one of the best shows we’ve been to in a while.
Kate Holste
Boveda Inc.
NECANN is the BEST place to do business.
Jessica Israel
Pure Pressure
Of all the shows I attended, NECANN in Boston was the best as far as large-scale cultivators in New England, with state licensed cultivators from Maine, NH, Mass, Conn, and RI all there.
Mark Doherty
Director of Sales, Urban Gro
Busiest show I have attended yet. The leads will pay off in time.
Rod Brady
We’ll definitely be at NECANN next year, we’re looking at displaying at more of their events – they are always great shows for us.
Nicholas Shafer
Precision Extraction Solutions
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the event. It was a great success and I wish you luck with the upcoming expos in other cities!
Roxanne Melfe
Parke Bank
The show is drawing more quality exhibitors and that leads to better networking. We had a couple of new deals that we struck up that will have a big impact on our business going forward. More out of state customers, investors and engineering are interested in locating in MA and we meet them here.
Gary Arnold
Thank you guys for allowing us to be a part of your show, it was fantastic! By far this was the best and most well thought out show we have ever been a part of.
Steffon Tranchemontagne
TSRgroOwner, Golden Greenw
We came. We saw. We talked to qualified leads. We sold.
Your team was extremely responsive, supportive, and flexible regarding our needs. The programming was phenomenal, and added true value to the experience. Thank you for all you do!
TaShonda Vincent-Lee
TILT Holdings
Great show great people exciting to be right in the middle of it all.
Everything was well organized; I was pleased and will schedule again in 2020.
The energy is great, a lot of nice people, people who want to learn. That’s what this is about- education.
Steve Flaks
BioTrack THC
A very professionally run trade show and exhibition and credit to you and your team. We look forward to next year!
Eamon Travers
The event was great! Looking forward to next year!
Mackenzi Howard
Owner, Urban Garden Store
What a great show. We were able to network with fellow vendors and met many fascinating customers-what a great turn out! Thank you so Much for the Opportunity to take part. We Will be back.
Donna Sullivan
Owner, C&M Botanicals
That was a pleasure, can’t wait for the next one!
This is my 2nd NECANN show, we will definitely be at all that NECANN puts together. We started with the Boston show which was awesome and this ME show although smaller was a positive surprise. Very good all-around with plenty of room to grow.
Very strong event bringing together the Cannabis business in the Northeast very well.
Amazing show. Well done, well attended, and the vendors I spoke to made great contacts and sales.
Robert Carp
Author of Marijuana Business Operations Guide
All of the members of my organization had a great time, made valuable contacts, and found it to be one of, if not THE, most smoothly run trade shows we’ve been to, ever.
Ella Everett
Thayer Corporation
Great show. Thanks for including us and for all your support. We look forward to doing it again next year.
Greg James
CannaKorp Inc.
The show was wonderful. We saw quite a bit of activity, and the leads that came in are super leads.
Michael Young
Springfield Label
Thanks for a great convention this weekend! Both days were major successes.
Julia Rodgers
Mavrides Law
Thank you! It was terrific! We also got some great client testimonials.
Cameron Bonsey
Coast of Maine
NECANN differentiates itself from other conferences by having such a wide variety of exhibitors, there’s something here for everyone.
James Adcock
The ability to speak to 10 people in an hour that would take a month to reach from my office is such a massive benefit to us.
Oliver Hoard
APPI Energy
We met local craft growers as well as people flying in to attend necann who are trying to get into the Illinois industry. It was so amazing for people to be able to really get actionable items here across a range of topics, which is really great.
Monica Elabed
Necann is one of the best expos you can attend to further your business, educate yourself, network, create partnerships, and have an incredible experience.
Akash Govil
We launched our product at necann – the event was tremendously successful for us.
Ann Whittaker
Boundless Robotics
This has been a very successful event, we’ve met multi-state operators, local retailers, and a lot of growers.
Mahlom James
Thank you greatly for the NJ event – really well run and I’m pretty sure we met our ROI goals by 1pm the first day. We’re looking forward to many more events with you in the future!
Jeremy Webber
Koppert Biological Systems
We experienced the best show we had in years in Atlantic City, New Jersey. NECANN is the best in the industry, we’ve paid 3x the cost with others that can’t bring half of the quality attendees that Necann does every single show!
Humbled Healings
We had a great show and I am sure if will pay off over the next couple years. We will see you in Boston!
Vince Vicario
We do all the NECANN shows, great crowds, lots of interest!
Keven Clark
Tom’s Tumble Trimmer
We speak on panels, contribute to the education here – the questions that come out of these sessions are so forward thinking.
Barbara Jacobs
I see each year there are more and more attendees, more vendors; these are multi-state, and even international companies that are now coming here. I’d recommend necann to anyone, either exhibiting or attending. We’ll absolutely be back.
BarbaraEric Roiter Jacobs
Surna Cultivation Technologies
One of the main reasons we come to necann is to connect with cultivators, and the movers and shakers in the local market.
Jen Bassuk
Fluence by Osram
Necann is a great show, great turnout, we’re always happy to be here.
Cliff Burt
Black Dog LED
One of the great things about necann is that is draws people from all over the local area. We’ll always come back to necann.
Drew Emmer
People are here for so many different reasons, retailers, wholesalers, etc.
Rachel Darby
TILT Holdings
It’s always a great networking event, you get to meet growers from all over New England, and I get to see the new companies, what’s coming down the pipe in the market.
Brent Vanzile
Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center
NECANN has been a very successful show for us in multiple ways. We meet existing patients, new patients, and new trade partners.
Nic Dibella
Sira Naturals
We were really happy with turn out and flow of the show! Congrats on another year managing this kickass event Thanks!
Andrew Sharp
Sira Naturals, Inc.
We love doing this show (NECANN Maine)!
Dylan Saferstein
Coast of Maine Organic Products
We love NECANN!
Angela McNamara
Roots to Remedies
We had such a great reception at NECANN New Jersey that we decided to do NECANN Maine at the last minute. The people who work at NECANN are amazing, and the people who come to the shows are amazing as well.
Winston Boney
The Highly Educated
That was a pleasure, can’t wait for the next one!
This is my 2nd NECANN show, we will definitely be at all that NECANN puts together. We started with the Boston show which was awesome and this ME show although smaller was a positive surprise. Very good all-around with plenty of room to grow.
We had an amazing event in Portland! There was an abundance of crucial contacts available… I will happily book with you folks repeatedly. Thank you for a great experience!
Janet McAllister
Hippy Chick Natural Solutions
Wanted to reach out to you to give a GIANT high five on an amazing event – we were very impressed and made great contacts
Jessica Y. Lewis
Phylos Bioscience
Great time and you guys do a bang up job. Great first experience with you guys,
Gary Arnold
TSR LED Lighting
We are very happy with this event and look forward to next year. You and your team did a great job.
Tim Stith Marketing & Sales Manager
Urban Gro
That was a great event! Thanks for all your hard work coordinating everything.
Tom Jacques
NECANN 2019 was the best cannabis tradeshow New England has seen thus far. The business is booming and this show showed it. Professionally run; a lot of fun.
Michael O’Malley
Curved Papers, Inc.
Great job on the event, as usual. We really appreciate being a part of it and seeing the crowd grow every year. The amount, and business quality, of vendors continues to improve and you’ve done an amazing job establishing NECANN as the regional powerhouse.
Greg Welch
The event was great, by far the best cannabis expo on the East Coast yet! Thankful to be a part of it.
Jeremy Zachary
I found this year’s event really well planned and executed. Top shelf attendees and good panels made for a great show overall.
Stu Zakim
Having been at NECANN the last 3 years has shown us that time and time again that it’s a show you have to be at every year.
Jake Ganam
CRN Network.

From Exhibitor Surveys:

The attendance at NECANN was one of the best we have exhibited at over the last 3 years.

It was our first time having a booth at NECANN, we truly appreciated the diversity in vendors and attendees.

This show brought together a healthy mix of industry businesses, consumers, and advocates.
The quality and volume of attendees were outstanding.

NECANN is THE event for New England cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, patients.

This event was absolutely amazing! We will be vending here every year!

I couldn’t believe the turnout at the NECANN a lot more than I was even wishing for.

I enjoyed the time, was able to network with many existing clients in one building.

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