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Since 2014 NECANN has been creating resource hubs for the rapidly expanding Cannabis industry. Events where businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers can connect, learn, and grow. We feel that individually created conventions focused on each local market’s needs and opportunities are a superior alternative to the generic national canna-convention franchises found everywhere. Rather than focusing on what the  Cannabis Industry can do for us, NECANN takes a collaborative approach to each of our conventions that has resulted in consistently high ROI for exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, and the local cannabis market as a whole. facilitating growth for all.

If you see one of us at one of our conventions, please feel free to introduce yourself and share your thoughts on what you would like to see at the next one!  If you are an cannabis-related advocacy group or non-profit in a market we host a convention and would like to be considered for a donated booth, please email with an introduction and links to your organization.

NECANN events are unique in the cannabis space in several ways: (1) Rather than waiting until the battle for cannabis normalization is won before launching a convention in a new market, we search out potential markets that need help and join the fight.   (2) As part of that commitment, we donate 10% of the exhibit floor booth space at each convention to local cannabis advocacy groups and non-profits. (3) Even after legalization, our events continue to serve not just the B2B communities, but patients, caregivers, and recreational consumers as well.   Every single facet of the industry is represented as our events, including: Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, Banking, Payment Processing, Botanicals, Patient Advocacy, Diversity & Inclusion, Storage, Packaging, Dosing Equipment, Patient Education, Medical Experts, Displays & Fixtures, Grow Lights, Hemp Industry , Hydroponics & Cultivation Products, Infused Products, Inventory Tracking, Legal Resources, Licensing Services, Medical Resources, Smoking, vaping, and dabbing accessories, POS & Management Software, Private Equity & Investment Resources, Training & Education, Security Services & Equipment, Testing & Lab Services, Tinctures, Salves, & Topicals.


Marc Shepard


Co-founder, President

Marc is a registered Mass. MMJ patient, and member of both Masscan/NORML and the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance. During his 20 year publishing career he has created, promoted, and executed successful live events all over New England.   He has spoken for MMJ and Cannabis Legalization on many regional outlets including NECN’s BroadsideWAAF, the Worcester Business Journal, and He is also a closet comic-book nerd and failed egghead still in search of a degree.

Jeff Lawrence - Co-Founder, CEO of NECANN



Jeff is the founder of DigBoston (and, the region’s’s loudest alternative-media voice since 1999. He sold his company in  2017 to his employees and it remains the only alternative voice in Boston media as well as a national leader in investigative journalism. A veteran local MMJ advocate, Jeff has served as a MASS CANN/NORML board member and made Dig Boston the first main-stream media outlet in New England to feature a weekly MMJ column.  Jeff is also an unrepentant nerd & egghead with various impressive degrees.


Kris Hultgren

Development Director

Kris has a long history of event and media sales in the Maine, Mass, and RI markets, along with event management and program execution.  He’s rumored to have been an exceptional baseball and basketball player in his youth, but that seems like such a long time ago.

Beth Waterfall New England Cannabis Conventions


Managing Director

Beth is a marketing communications and event maestro with a background in the legal, financial services, nonprofit and hospitality industries. She’s written for the Boston Globe, Marijuana Venture, Ladybud and Freedom Leaf magazines, and is a frequent speaker at industry events. A graduate of Providence College, Beth is dedicated to educating, emboldening and connecting cannabis industry professionals, patients, advocates and newcomers through unforgettable event experiences.


Exhibitor Sales Manager

David spent 5 years in radio advertising and event marketing, focused on creating and executing customized marketing campaigns before joining Paragon Group in 2015 to manage exhibitor booth and sponsorship sales for NECANN.  David is passionate about the progression and growth of the Cannabis industry.  He’s an alumnus of University of New Hampshire and U Mass Dartmouth and known by his friends as a Dance Machine.



With a background in event management from Johnson & Wales University, Eve Marie strives to inspire positive cannabis experiences. In her role at NECANN, she organizes educational programming to reflect regional/national cannabis policy updates, emerging leaders, and insights on DIY cannabis practices not limited to cultivation or infusion of foods. Eve Marie is excited about the development of the Cannabis industry and looks forward to serving the industry with time, talent and innovation.


NECANN is proud to work with some of the most knowledgeable and respected members of the New England Cannabis community. Representing all aspects of the industry across New England, our Board members help us create the most innovative and valuable event experience possible for our exhibitors and attendees.

Erik Range

Erik Range

Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana

Erik Range is a cannabis entrepreneur, consultant, advocate and industry influencer, serving as Board Chair for the non profit organization Minorities For Medical Marijuana.  Erik was also named to Florida Industrial Hemp Advisory Board. He has written licensing applications, developed business models and plans, created and implement marketing/ advertising strategies, designed digital/print marketing collateral, and provided business development and lead generation services to his clients.

Catherine Lewis


Director of education, Marijuana Caregivers of Maine

In 2011, Catherine Lewis joined the board of Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine Trade Association as the Director of Education and in 2015, she became the President of the Board, helping to shape legislation and communication with the overseeing State Departments and Municipalities. With the help of many others, they created the largest East Coast Medical Industry Trade Show that has run for the last 7 years. She also sits on the Board of Advisers for New England Cannabis Network (NECANN).  Catherine helped in the crafting and recent passing of LD 1539 and LD 238. These two bills will help improve Maine’s Medical Cannabis program. Creating a new legitimacy for the businesses within the program.

nic easley


3C Consulting, LLC, CEO

Nic and 3C Consulting, LLC have helped more than 75 clients design, start up, build, and optimize their cultivation and commercial cannabis operations. 3C uses science, research, and education as guiding principles, prioritizing ROI, profitability and shareholder value while recommending both socially and environmentally responsible practices. Nic’s scientific background, combined with over 15 years of agricultural field and biological experience offers the industry new possibilities of, productivity, profitability, and professionalism. Over the past nine years – both in Colorado and nationwide – Nic has been asked to speak and keynote at multiple industry conferences and contributes to numerous industry publications. Nic holds degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology, and is a Veteran of the United States Air Force.

Beth Waterfall New England Cannabis Conventions


Executive Director, ELEVATE Northeast, and Principal, Beth Waterfall Creative

Beth Waterfall is on a mission to use education, compassion and advocacy to break the stigma against people who use and work with cannabis. Recently named to the Boston Journal’s 2018 40 Under 40 list, Beth is founder and executive director of ELEVATE Northeast, managing director of the New England Cannabis Conventions, and founder and president of cannabis marketing and events consultancy Beth Waterfall Creative. She is also a passionate educator dedicated to positive public relations for cannabis, and is an ardent advocate for inclusion, leadership and ownership in the cannabis industry for women, LGBTQA+ and other traditionally marginalized groups.


Director, Regulate RI

Jared is the Rhode Island Political Director for Marijuana Policy Project. Working to make Rhode Island the first state to legalize marijuana through the legislature, Jared leads Regulate Rhode Island, a coalition of citizens, community leaders, and organizations who support regulating marijuana similarly to alcohol. Before working for Marijuana Policy Project, Jared served as chapter president of Brown University Students for Sensible Drug Policy where he successfully lead the student effort to support passage of Rhode Island’s 2012 marijuana decriminalization law.

Paul McCarrier- One on the right Younger guy


President, Regulate Maine

Paul  has been involved with cannabis policy since 2011, when he worked successfully with a Republican House, Senate and Governor to pass the landmark reform bill “An Act to Protect Patient Privacy”. He has lobbied every cannabis related bill in Maine since 2011 and has been instrumental in shaping state and local policy concerning cannabis in Maine . In November 2014, Paul started Legalize Maine, the grass roots legalization group that merged with Maine’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in November 2015. and launched Pi Consulting  to help guide cannabis clients and their investors with government relations and business development in Maine and beyond.

chris faraone


Dig Boston Editor, & Director, BINJ

A long-time local medical marijuana advocate, Chris  is a  veteran (and modern legend) of the alternative news scene.  As a staff writer at the Boston Phoenix from 2008 to 2013, he covered everything from rap music and political movements to cults and the state legislature, and won a number of awards including several from the New England Newspaper & Press Association and the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.  Currently the Editor of DigBoston and the Director of Editorial for the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism,  he is also the author of four books including ’99 Nights with the 99 Percent’ and ‘Heartbreak Hell.’

Shanna Souza


President, New England Cannabis Consulting

She became a volunteer for MMCM in early 2014 with the 3rd annual Homegrown Maine as well as informational sessions and classes that MMCM hosted working with many advocates for the MMJ community. She became very passionate about keeping the medical program protected and she was selected to become a board member and the Treasurer of MMCM in September of 2014.  In addition to being am the President of New England Cannabis Consulting and the CFO of Homegrown Healthcare of Maine, Shanna is a Maine MMJ patient and Caregiver specializing in cancer, working with Veterans and treatment of many other medical conditions.

Shanna Souza


President, New England Cannabis Consulting

She became a volunteer for MMCM in early 2014 with the 3rd annual Homegrown Maine as well as informational sessions and classes that MMCM hosted working with many advocates for the MMJ community. She became very passionate about keeping the medical program protected and she was selected to become a board member and the Treasurer of MMCM in September of 2014.  In addition to being am the President of New England Cannabis Consulting and the CFO of Homegrown Healthcare of Maine, Shanna is a Maine MMJ patient and Caregiver specializing in cancer, working with Veterans and treatment of many other medical conditions.

marta downing


COO, Canna Care Docs

After founding a Massachusetts team that successfully received a Registered Marijuana Dispensary license in Massachusetts Marta now leads, as COO, the largest medical marijuana evaluation center in the US. She honed her business acumen on Wall Street as a block trader covering small cap value funds but found the world of Wall Street to lack the passionate authenticity found in the fantastically dynamic cannabis space. Marta is committed to building a cannabis industry that is inclusive of traditionally underrepresented groups in tech, corporate medicine and finance. She is an accomplished ski mountaineer, surfer and road cyclist. Marta splits her time between Portsmouth NH, and NYC where her partner Amy lives.

Dr. Uma


Uplifting Health and Wellness

NECANN Health Advisory Consultant  –  Dr Uma is Board certified in Occupational Medicine, Medical Review Officer and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She recieved her Master’s Degree in Public Health specializing in Occupational & Environmental Medicine from the Harvard School of Public Health.  A Cannabis Therapeutics Specialist doing Medical Marijuana authorizations,at Uplifting Health and Wellness in Natick MA, her passion is in educating the public about cannabis and endocannabinoid system. Dr Dhanabalan states “Cannabis is not an entrance drug, it is an exit drug from pharmaceuticals and narcotics.”

Michael Latulippe


Development Director, Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance

Michael has an educational background in political science and a professional background in branding, community organizing and Web development. He is the President and Co-Founder of the Cannabis Society of Massachusetts which is a membership based non-profit social club focused on organizing groundbreaking events around marijuana and its medicinal and creative purposes. Michael is also the Development Director at the Massachusetts Patient Michael Advocacy Alliance and is on the Board of Directors at the Northeast Cannabis Coalition and the Cannabis Business Alliance of Massachusetts. Dedicated to safe access and breaking down barriers to cannabis use, Michael continues his mission of changing perspectives with every event and interaction.