ND House Oppose Medical Cannabis Edibles

The North Dakota House Votes Against Adding Edibles to the Medical Cannabis Program

According to KFYR, the North Dakota House voted down two legislation that would have included edible goods in the state’s medical cannabis program. Two-thirds approval was needed since the proposals would have changed the state’s medicinal cannabis statute, which was supported by voters.

During the debate, Republican Representative Steve Vetter stated that the legislation’ primary goal was to provide ‚Äúsomething the people wanted.”

People who thought edibles should be added to the program said that they are healthier than smoking or vaping. People who were against it were worried about the risks to children. In North Dakota, people who need medical marijuana can get flower, concentrates, tinctures, capsules, transdermal patches, and lotions, according to an article by Ganjapreneur.

The bills would have only left squares and lozenges that could be eaten.

The state’s medical marijuana program has cards for 8,898 people who are using it. The Bismarck Tribune says that there are two factories and eight dispensaries in the state.

Since 2019, similar bills that would have added edibles to the state’s medical cannabis program have failed.

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