Responsible Official Cannabis Cards in Guam

First ‘Responsible Official’ Cannabis ID Cards Issued in Guam

The Department of Revenue and Taxation will start accepting adult-use cannabis licenses from “responsible officials,” according to Pacific Daily News

Guam has legalized cannabis for adult use, but there are still some restrictions in place. Adults 21 and older can grow, possess, and consume cannabis, but it is illegal to sell it or trade it for anything of value unless the transaction is conducted by a licensed and permitted cannabis business.

Pacific Daily News reports, there are different licenses for cultivators, manufacturers, testing labs, and retail stores. Residents are not allowed to own more than one type of cannabis business. Residents are barred from owning more than one type of cannabis business license in Guam.

The Guam Legislature passed a bill in 2019 legalizing recreational cannabis. The new law took effect on May 29, and the Department of Revenue and Taxation started accepting applications for responsible official cards in August. The cards are required for those involved in the cannabis industry, such as growers, processors, and retailers.

Here are the general requirements for the application process:

  • Only a “responsible official” approved by the Cannabis Control Board can submit applications, documents and reports for a cannabis business, including applying for an establishment license and a permit to operate.
  • A responsible official must be at least 21 years old, must own the business or be responsible for operating the business, and cannot be convicted of manufacturing or distributing Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substances, except for marijuana.
  • The responsible official is accountable for any actions by the business owners, officers, managers, employees or agents that violate the recreational cannabis law or the industry rules and regulations.
  • It costs $1,000 to apply to be a responsible official, the rules state.

Cannabis businesses are not able to receive a license or operating permit unless there is a government-approved “responsible official” in charge. There will also need to be government-approved “designated transporters” to be able to move the cannabis through the island.

Licenses are for cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail stores. Licensees can not own or operate more than one type of cannabis business.

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