Cannabis Social Consumption Lounges

Cannabis Social Consumption Lounges in Las Vegas

Cannabis social consumption lounges will soon be available in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas City Council voted 5-1 to allow cannabis social consumption lounges within city limits.

The lounges will allow for the consumption of flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

Las Vegas is working on legalizing cannabis lounges, but it will be a while before they are actually up and running. The city has to amend the code and craft ordinances regulating the new businesses, which means that it’s likely that they won’t start accepting applications until early 2023. This means that for now, tourists and locals alike will have to stick to smoking or vaping cannabis in private.

The first application period will be expected to last for 10 days coming in October. Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board will be issuing 20 licenses for independent lounges.

The lounges will have a number of restrictions, including a limit of 3.5 grams per person and a requirement that edibles or tinctures containing more than ten milligrams of THC carry a warning label.

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