Cannabis Sales Record Hit in Michigan

New Sales Record Hit in Michigan $212 Million for Cannabis

Michigan has seen a record-breaking month of marijuana sales for the third time in 2022, reaching $212 million in September. This total is about $2 million greater than the previous record in July and $17 million more than the earlier April record. Adult-use marijuana purchases totaled $195,349,995, while medical cannabis sales amounted to $16,629,957.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) in Michigan has announced that it has rec to two universities as part of the Veteran Marijuana Research (awarding $20 million) Grant Program. The program is designed to fund research into the potential benefits and risks of cannabis use by veterans.

Michigan officials also announced in March that the state would be distributing nearly $150 million in marijuana tax revenue. The money will be divided between localities, public schools and a transportation fund.

The state Treasury Department announced that it would be providing $42.2 million in funding to various municipalities in Illinois. The funding is made possible by tax revenue generated from the state’s adult-use cannabis program.

The money will be divided among 62 cities, 15 villages, 33 townships, and 53 counties. Each municipality will receive a different amount of money, depending on its size and population.

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