Task Force Address Medical Cannabis Concerns in LA

Medical Cannabis Policy Concerns Being Addressed by Louisiana Task Force

Now that medicinal marijuana is accessible to Louisiana’s workforce, workers have expressed worry that they would lose their jobs or have other work-related consequences if they test positive for a medication that is legal and was taken as prescribed by a doctor. A new state commission is working to find answers to this possible issue that will safeguard both employees and businesses, according to a report in Marijuana Moment.

A new state panel is seeking to address this potential problem by coming up with solutions that would protect both corporations and employees. The task group in Louisiana, established by a study resolution introduced by Rep. Mandie Landry (D), is researching the legislation in those states in order to produce recommendations for the Louisiana Legislature to take into consideration.

Landry established the task committee and wrote a state legislation that forbids hiring practices that are hostile to state workers who use medical marijuana. The private sector is exempt from the law, which went into force on August 1. However, several private businesses have already eliminated cannabis drug testing before politicians.

According to a recent article, when the Employment and Medical Marijuana Task Force’s three subcommittees met to analyze the issue’s various facets, they all came to the same conclusion: How severely can the state regulate the private sector with regard to medical marijuana?

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  1. The private sector needs to be on board or else it’s not helpful. It’s ok to have a prescription pills but not ok for prescription cannabis.

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