7,500+ Cannabis Plants Removed by New California Taskforce

7,500+ Cannabis Plants Removed by New California Taskforce

Officials in California say that between October 18 and 19, they took enforcement measures that resulted in the destruction of 7,503 cannabis plants and more than 936 pounds of cannabis flower, continuing an aggressive crackdown on unlicensed cannabis businesses.

The Unified Enforcement Task Force (UCETF) calculated that the total worth of the plants and the prepared flower was close to $8 million.

The operation encompassed the execution of thirteen search warrants on unlawful indoor cultivation businesses in the Sun Valley suburb according to a report in Ganjapreneur.

The UCETF was established in early October and is co-chaired by DCC and CDFW (the California Departments of Fish and Wildlife) with coordination provided by the Homeland Security Division of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

DCC Director Nicole Elliott stated, “Criminal cannabis businesses, like those we enforced against in this investigation, threaten the health of their workers by employing harmful chemicals to help fertilize indoor cultivations that undercut the legal market and offer safety risks to consumers.” 

While DCC does its best to help legacy operators enter the legal market, it will not tolerate any illegal activity and will engage with state, municipal, and federal partners to put a stop to it.

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