$1B Seized in California

More Than $1B was Seized in California in the Last 13 Months

In the last 13 months, California’s Department of Cannabis Control has executed 232 search warrants, seized more than half a million pounds of unregulated cannabis, and eradicated more than 1.4 million illegal cannabis plants, according to an article from Ganjapeneur.

The department has also issued more than 4,000 citations for unlicensed cannabis businesses and seized more than $1 billion worth of illegally grown cannabis.

The actions are part of the department’s efforts to expand access to tested cannabis products for consumers and lower barriers to participation for businesses. Recently, the department was allocated $20 million to grant cities and counties funding that will support the creation of cannabis retail access in areas that currently do not allow it.

Not only did the DCC remove illegal and untested products, they also seized more than 100 illegal firearms from criminal enterprises running the black market.

In a press release from DCC, DCC Director Nicole Elliott said, “We want Californians to become more aware of the harms that come from the illicit market. A purchase from the illegal market can be a purchase in support of criminal and cartel operations that endanger consumer health, communities, destroy natural habitats, and threaten the viability of our legal operators. The illegal cannabis operations that we enforce against are not just engaging in illegal commercial cannabis activity, they are engaging in violence, human trafficking, water theft, animal cruelty and other forms of harmful criminal activity.”

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