Cannabis Use Exceeds Tobacco Use

New Poll Shows Cannabis Use Exceeds Tobacco Use for Americans

According to a new Gallup poll, more Americans smoked cannabis in the past week than tobacco. 

The poll found that 16% of Americans had smoked cannabis in the past week, while only 11% had smoked tobacco. 

This marks a significant increase from last year when only 12% of Americans smoked cannabis and 16% smoked tobacco.

The poll also found a significant decrease in the number of Americans who smoke tobacco when there was a report from the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee warning about addiction and causing cancer. In the 1950s, 45% of Americans reported smoking tobacco. Today, that number has dropped to 11%. It is unclear why there has been such a dramatic shift, but it could be due to the increasing legalization of cannabis around the country.

In the Gallup poll, it was found that although almost half of Americans have used cannabis at least once, the country is still split on whether or not cannabis legalization has had a positive or negative influence on society. 

Out of the 68% of Americans who believe cannabis should be legal, only 46% believe that cannabis legalization has had a positive influence on society, while 22% believe it has had a negative influence. The remaining 32% believe that it has had no impact.

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