Cannabis Pardons in Kentucky

Low-Level Cannabis Pardons in Kentucky

Kentucky will provide pardons to anybody convicted of low-level marijuana possession convictions, according to Governor Andy Beshear.

Governor Andy Beshear recently asked the Administrative Office of the Courts how many people in Kentucky are eligible for this relief and is currently developing the next steps. It is unclear at this point what the next steps will be for pardoning Kentuckians with cannabis-related offenses, but Governor Beshear has said that his administration is working on it.

Officials must submit the general application for pardons and commutations, but it’s unclear if they’ll create a distinct procedure to pardon low-level cannabis possession offenses.

The governor’s office is required to look into the applicants’ past and background, including their criminal and job histories. A letter outlining why they think they deserve a pardon or commutation must be included with the application, along with a minimum of three letters of reference, and the applicant must detail all prior and current charges, convictions, and employment history.

“Let me be clear, I agree that no one should be in jail simply because of possession of marijuana. I know the vast majority of Kentuckians demand medical cannabis be legalized, and I am committed to keeping Kentuckians updated as we review the information and make plans to move forward,” Beshear said in a statement to WKYT.

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