Legal States - Less Underage Use

Study Reveals that Legalized States have less Underage Use and Impaired Driving than States with Marijuana Prohibition

According to a new comprehensive poll conducted by a marijuana policy consulting business, people in states where marijuana is still illegal are more likely to start using cannabis at a younger age, use more frequently, and drive while under the influence.

Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC) studied the public health effects of marijuana usage in 25 states, including those with strict prohibitions, those with medical marijuana, and those that have legalized recreational use.

The data presented in the Cannabis Public Policy Consulting research support the premise that regulated markets promote more responsible behavior and “encourage positive cannabis-related outcomes to public health.

Whatever the explanation may be, it demonstrates that the availability of adult-use cannabis in states where it is legal has not resulted in a younger generation’s earlier introduction to the drug according to a report by Marijuana Moment.

“The finding that those in adult use states show a higher average age of initiation is important as it indicates that regulated access of cannabis is not expediting cannabis use among youth,” the study concludes.

The prevalence of use among young adults (16–20) is yet another significant discovery. The initiation finding is supported by data showing that youth in illegal states consume marijuana more regularly (13.6 days per month on average). When compared to the average of 7.9 days per month in medical cannabis states and the 9.5 days per month seen in adult-use states, this is a significant increase.

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