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Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Included in Iowa Democrats Campaign

Iowa Capital Dispatch reports that Iowa Democrats have included adult-use cannabis legalization on their election agenda as part of the party’s “people over politics” electoral plan. “The plan also includes lowering the cost of living, protecting abortion access, and investing in public schools,” the report also states.

According to Ganjapreneur, in March 2021, the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll found that 54% of adults in the state-supported adult-use cannabis legalization, with 39% opposed and 6% unsure. Democrats in the Legislature have pushed for the reforms but could not get the support of either their Republican counterparts or Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.

According to FiveThirtyEight polling data, Governor Reynolds maintains a commanding lead over her Democratic challenger, leading by as much as 17 points. 

Deidre DeJear, the Democratic nominee for governor of Iowa, outlined her plans to legalize cannabis sales in the state in her campaign platform. She believes that adult-use cannabis could generate as much as $50 million annually in new state revenues. Her platform also includes plans to expunge the criminal records of Iowans with prior marijuana convictions and to invest in communities.

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