100 Applications for Consumption Lounges in NV

Nevada Marijuana Regulators Have Received One Hundred Applications for Consumption Lounges, With Plans to Approve by the Beginning of 2023

100 applications for the first marijuana consumption lounge permits in Nevada were submitted during a brief period last month, and the state’s marijuana officials say they aim to begin giving licenses in “early 2023.”

Starting on October 14th, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) began taking applications and continued until October 27th, when they stopped.

More than a year has passed since Democrat Assemblyman Steve Yeager’s bill establishing consumption lounges was signed into law by Republican Governor Steve Sisolak.

One type of license was made available to current merchants so that they could incorporate lounges into their operations, and new lounges could sign contracts with retailers to buy and prepare marijuana goods for resale.

20 applications came from established stores, 50 from lounge applicants, and 30 from social equity applicants, according to a news release from CCB.

Applicants for both social equity and non-social equity lounge licenses will be chosen through a random number selector lottery that the CCB plans to hold in early December. The CCB projects that licensed lounges will be operational by early 2023

For social equity applications, the CCB must reserve 10 of the 20 available licenses for cannabis consumption lounges. In order to ensure that all standards have been followed, the CCB will now assess all applications for cannabis consumption lounges that are independently operated. The CCB plans to hold two random number selector drawings in early December to decide which applications for independent cannabis consumption lounge licenses would be prioritized based on their level of social justice.

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