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Senate Proposal Would Legalize Cannabis Federally

Senate Proposal would Pave the way for Federal Legalization of Cannabis

The latest cannabis proposal in Congress is the PREPARE Act, which would instruct officials to create a framework for federal cannabis rules in advance of the expected end of cannabis prohibition.

As cannabis legalization appears to be on the horizon, Colorado Democrat Sen. John Hickenlooper submitted a bill to get the country ready. The Preparing Regulators Effectively for a Post-Prohibition Adult Use Regulated Environment (PREPARE) Act, as reported by Dope Magazine, would instruct the U.S. attorney general to create a plan for federally regulating the cannabis sector.

When Amendment 64 was approved by Coloradans in 2012, Hickenlooper was the state’s chief executive. Just one month later, he called together the Amendment 64 Task Force to propose rules and regulations that would pave the way for the thriving cannabis business in Colorado. Hickenlooper announced last month that he would submit the bipartisan PREPARE Act to establish a similar commission at the federal level, exactly 10 years after Colorado voters adopted Amendment 64.

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