Poll Confirms Support for Banking Reform

Poll Confirms Two Out of Three Americans Want Marijuana Banking Reform to Pass

According to a recent survey by the American Bankers Association, two out of three Americans want Congress to adopt legislation that would grant state-legal marijuana firms access to conventional banking services like checking accounts and loans (ABA).

Two questions about cannabis banking were included in the survey that was made public. The first asked participants whether they thought marijuana firms should have access to basic financial services and the second asked whether Congress should take action.

Both of the suggestions have received continuous support, with 66 percent of respondents stating they are in favor of them and 37 percent saying they “strongly” support them. Only 16 percent of Americans stated they were opposed to marijuana banking reform being implemented by politicians.

The results of the most recent poll commissioned by the ABA, which Morning Consult conducted with interviews of 2,211 adults from September 16 to 17, had a margin of error of +/-2 percentage points according to a recent article.

According to ABA research from March, for instance, 65% of Americans believe marijuana firms should have access to financial services, and 68% believe Congress should enact legislation to make that happen.

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