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PA has Fewer than 250 Cannabis Pardonees

Pennsylvania has Fewer than 250 people Eligible for Pardons Related to Cannabis

According to PennLive, out of the thousands who sought for the cannabis pardons announced by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) earlier this year, only around 250 people met the requirements and would have their records expunged.

After a preliminary vote on Thursday by the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, only 231 cases were expected to advance for a final vote before the board on December 16. The state reported receiving more than 3,500 petitions for cannabis pardon. Those cases that make it to the governor’s final review will be eligible for a pardon.

The study showed 2,002 applications were denied because they did not fit the mass pardoning project’s criteria, while another 434 applications were placed on hold.

Clemency applications were accepted from September 1 until September 30 after the program’s announcement. It’s likely that the number of persons who can qualify for the program is small because of the short period and the restriction that applicants must have been convicted of simple cannabis possession but otherwise hold a clean criminal record.

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