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New Jersey Bill Proposes Home Cannabis Cultivation for Medical Patients, Eliciting Support from Governor

New Jersey Bill Proposes Home Cannabis Cultivation for Medical Patients, Eliciting Support from Governor

In a significant move to address a notable gap in New Jersey’s cannabis legislation, a new bill has been introduced to legalize home cannabis cultivation for the state’s medical patients. Despite the legalization of both adult and medical cannabis in New Jersey, home cultivation has remained prohibited.

The bill, sponsored by State Senator Troy Singleton (D), seeks to allow medical cannabis patients to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home. Senator Singleton highlights the necessity for legislative intervention to establish pricing controls within the cannabis industry. The existing regulatory framework had aimed to utilize the state’s regulatory powers for pricing control, but Senator Singleton believes that direct legislative action is now essential.

Governor Phil Murphy, in a recent interview with News 12, expressed his open-mindedness towards permitting adults to grow their own cannabis. Governor Murphy acknowledges the industry’s need to flourish but underscores the importance of equity in its development.

“I would bet – if I were a betting man – that down the road that that’s exactly where this would land. I understand, having said that, why it wasn’t in our initial regs because I think there’s a rightful objective to get this industry up on its feet and make sure that the folks who are in this as a matter of commerce are successful and, again, with a huge amount of focus on equity,” Governor Murphy stated.

Notably, under the current New Jersey law, home cultivation of cannabis is classified as a felony, carrying a potential five-year prison sentence. This stark contrast persists despite the legal status of cannabis for adult use in the state for nearly three years.

If the proposed bill passes, medical cannabis patients in New Jersey would be permitted to grow up to four mature and four immature cannabis plants simultaneously. This move aligns with the broader trend seen in several states where the cultivation of cannabis at home is allowed for medical purposes.

As the bill progresses through the legislative process, the potential legalization of home cultivation could mark a significant milestone in New Jersey’s cannabis regulations. It not only addresses the needs of medical cannabis patients but also reflects a broader reevaluation of regulatory frameworks in the evolving landscape of legalized cannabis. 

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