NJ Approves Public Cannabis Consumption Areas

New Jersey Cannabis Regulators Approve Guidelines for Public Cannabis Consumption Areas

Guidelines for “public cannabis consumption zones” were adopted by New Jersey’s marijuana regulators, taking the state one step closer to allowing adults and patients the option of using marijuana for social purposes.

In April, dispensaries were opened to the public for purchasing cannabis for recreational use, but supporters have been calling for new laws to be put in place to expand the number of locations where individuals can legally consume.

By approving criteria for consumption sites and taxes for businesses who manage them, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) took a step in the right direction.

Under the proposed restrictions, on-site food sales would be prohibited; however, attendees would be allowed to bring their own food or order delivery. Cannabis consumption locations were prohibited from selling or allowing the use of tobacco products.

For the facilities, the planned application cost, microbusiness license charge, and standard license price would total $1,000. Both indoors and outdoors would work, but the latter would require covering.

The rules will be posted in the New Jersey Register for 60 days for public comment before they are finalized.

At the meeting, CRC also authorized 113 cannabis conditional licenses, 8 cannabis annual licenses, and 6 cannabis conditional to annual conversations.

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