NJ Approves Consumption Lounge

Officials in New Jersey Approve Cannabis Consumption Lounge

According to the New Jersey Monitor, the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) finalized its proposed ruleset for cannabis consumption lounges last week – a 60-day public comment period will follow before the rules can be officially finalized.

Under the proposed regulations, dispensaries might set up smoking rooms inside or outside. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) and local governments will need to authorize any consumption lounges before they can open for business. 

According to the report, lounge workers will be forbidden from “overselling” to customers and will be responsible for ensuring a secure place for cannabis use. Additionally, similar to the state’s retail regulations, consumption lounge customers will be asked to present picture identification attesting to their age of 21 or older.

Even though there are currently 21 legal marijuana stores in New Jersey and hundreds more on the way, it is still against the law for anyone to be in public while under the influence of cannabis. The only legal places to use it for recreational purposes are inside of someone’s home.

While the Smoke-Free Air Act of the state prohibits smoking cigarettes in most indoor locations and on beaches, the legalizing law also prohibits smoking, vaping, and aerosolized cannabis usage in public places. In addition to tenants, landlords can enforce no-smoking policies.

A normal consumption lounge business license would cost $5,000, while a microbusiness license would cost $1,000. The application fee for all applicants is $1,000.

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