Medical Cannabis Purchases in Florida

New Limits for Medical Cannabis Purchases in Florida

The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana announced new limits for medical cannabis purchases. The limits are the result of an emergency action taken by the office at the request of the legislature, which wants to crack down on what they see as “overprescribing” by some doctors.

Florida’s 745,000 medical cannabis patients are now limited to 24.5 grams of THC every 70 days (350 milligrams a day) or 2.5 ounces of dried flower every 35 days.

Some patients and advocates have criticized the new limits as being too restrictive, while others say that they are necessary to prevent abuse of the system.

“Patients are settling in and finding out what they need, and they woke up this morning and their supply has been cut in a third,” Jodie James, president of Florida Cannabis Action Network, said in the report. James, like many others, is worried some cannabis patients will now either go without or simply turn to the unregulated market.

These changes took effect on August 26th and regulators will require measurement of day supply by the date of each dispensation rather than the total dispensation history.

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