Sample Home Grow Application Released by Missouri

Sample Home Grow Application Released by Missouri

The Missouri Department of Health posted a sample application for growing cannabis plants at home, according to 5 On Your Side. This is the first step toward letting people grow their own cannabis at home, which is what voters in the state wanted. However, according to John Payne, head of Legal MO 2022, the initiative’s campaign, the state might start taking applications as early as next month.

Adults in Missouri can legally cultivate a total of 18 plants in their homes, including six fully mature plants, six immature plants up to 14 inches, and six seedlings or clones shorter than 14 inches. The cost of a home cultivation license is set at $100 for those growing cannabis for recreational purposes and $50 for those growing it for medical purposes. About 20,000 people in Missouri are cultivating for medical purposes, according to Missouri NORML attorney Dan Viets, who spoke with 5 On Your Side.

“Keep the cultivation in a locked area,” Viets mentioned. “It can be outside, but it needs to be in a locked area that is not visible to the general public. But people who cultivate do have the right to share with others up to three ounces, in fact, under Article 14.”

While it’s illegal to sell cannabis grown at home, farmers can give away up to three ounces to their friends and family.

On February 6, Missouri plans to start selling marijuana for adults. It is anticipated that applications for supplementary licenses, such as those for microbusinesses, will be accepted beginning in June of this year and granted in 2024 and 2025.

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