Medical Cannabis Policy for Students

Medical Cannabis Policy for Students in Maryland County Public Schools

Medical cannabis will now be available to students in Worcester County Public Schools in Maryland during school hours. The policy was unanimously passed by the school board and will allow students who have a doctor’s note to access medical cannabis products on campus. This policy is a response to a growing number of families who have children with serious medical conditions that are treated with medical cannabis. The school board is hopeful that this policy will help these students succeed in school while also receiving the treatment they need.

Under this policy, medical cannabis will be available to students through a school nurse and will be in the form of oils, tinctures, topicals, and capsules.

Patients will not be allowed to smoke or vape cannabis products on campus. The state Department of Education has developed guidelines for schools regarding the administration of medical cannabis, which must be followed by Worcester County Public Schools.

This will be treated like any other prescribed controlled substance, and it will be locked and secured. Dr. Annette Wallace said She was not aware of any requests, yet, for the administration of medical cannabis in the district’s schools.

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