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Maryland Bans Cannabis Odor Vehicle Searches

Maryland Adopts Legislation Prohibiting Vehicle Searches Based on Marijuana Odor

FOX 5 DC says that lawmakers in Maryland passed a law that says cops can’t search a car just because it smells like marijuana. In the last hours of the state session, Democratic lawmakers also tried to pass a bill that would change the punishment for people caught selling a lot of cannabis. However, Republicans walked out of the chamber before the vote to protest House Speaker Adrienne Jones’s (D) actions. 

According to tweets by FOX Baltimore reporter Mikenzie Frost, the fight between Republicans and the Democratic House leader happened when Republicans tried to explain their “no” votes on the drug trafficking bill with about 10 minutes left in the session. In a report in the Washington Post, Republicans said the problem was that Jones wouldn’t let them talk. The Post called this a “minority party tactic” that is often used “to run out the clock” on bills they don’t like.

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