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Legalization Plans Revealed in Germany

Legalization Plans for Cannabis in Germany Revealed

The plans for the legalization of cannabis for adult use in Germany have been announced, along with restrictions on possession and rules for home cultivation.

According to the Associated Press, Germany this week formally presented its cannabis legalization plans, allowing for the possession of up to 30 grams and controlled sales to adults. 

According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, Berlin would ask the European Union’s executive commission whether the plan agreed by the German government is compliant with EU law and would only move on with legislation “on this basis” if it receives approval.

According to Lauterbach, the new regulations might be “a model for Europe.” Realistically, he argued, they won’t go into force until 2024. There are about 4 million German adults who could beenfit from this legalization, according to Lauterbach’s estimates.

The cannabis policy is part of a larger set of reforms that were negotiated last year by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition with the three socially liberal parties. At the time, they reached an agreement to review the “social impacts” of the new law after four years had passed.

The German government has liberalized a number of areas, including repealing a prohibition on doctors “promoting” abortion services from the country’s penal code. It would also lower the voting age in national and European elections from 18 to 16. It would also remove limits on dual citizenship.

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