LA First Responders Call for Medical Cannabis

First Responders in Louisiana Renew Call for Access to Medical Cannabis

Louisiana’s first responders are speaking out in front of a legislative push to secure them access to the state’s medicinal cannabis program. New Orleans Democrat Mandie Landry is making her second attempt in as many years to enshrine the rights of first responders to participate in the program.

The former Army medic and current firefighter Alex Tony urged the state of Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Task Force to grant greater access to medical marijuana for first responders.

“I think that we should be able to make that choice without repercussions. Because I work in a field where psychological issues such as PTSD are not only commonplace but they’re actually presumptive. Meaning at some point in my career I will see something, be involved with something, do something that I will be mentally and emotionally accountable for…for the rest of my life,” said Tony.

Other advocates shared their experiences.

“When medical cannabis became a thing in Louisiana, I decided to give it a try. I was able to quit basically every medicine I was taking from the VA except my cholesterol medicine. So, I’m just here to try and bring awareness to that,” Military Veteran Ryan Bales commented.

“By eliminating that option for our police officers, firefighters, and EMT…we could be drastically affecting their health long term,” as stated by Navy Veteran Tony Landry.

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