KS Police Raid Cancer Patient's Hospital

Kansas Police Raid the Hospital Room of a Terminally Ill Cancer Patient for Marijuana

A terminally ill cancer patient in Hays, Kansas, was busted for carrying cannabis on December 16, reported the Kansas City Star. Kansas is one of three U.S. states that bans all kinds of cannabis, even if a doctor says it’s good for you or can help manage pain from your condition.

Greg Bretz, 69, utilized THC-infused edible paste and a vape pen to treat his pain in the hospital. Bretz stated his doctor told him to do whatever he could for the agony because hospice care was the only option.

In his hospital bed, he’s “flat on my back” and can’t stand up. Since being hospitalized, he’s been vaping and eating THC paste on bread to treat his symptoms. A doctor urged him to do whatever makes him feel better because medical science can only offer hospice care. An employee caught him vaping and reported him. Three officers were called to his room. Because the room has oxygen, they informed him that vaping was a fire hazard.

The police took back the fine and the court summons, but the message was clear: Kansas’ laws on marijuana are out of date. Marijuana Moment says that after what happened at the hospital, Kansas Democrats are trying again to get medical marijuana legalized.

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