Johns Hopkins Launches Landmark Study Tracking 10,000 Medical Cannabis Patients

Johns Hopkins Launches Landmark Study Tracking 10,000 Medical Cannabis Patients

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine embark on a groundbreaking study, supported by a $10 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, to comprehensively track 10,000 medical cannabis patients across the U.S. The study aims to fill crucial data gaps, providing insights into the efficacy and health impacts of therapeutic cannabis use.

Study Objectives:

Led by Ryan Vandrey, creator of the Johns Hopkins Cannabis and Health Research Initiative, and Johannes Thrul, associate professor of mental health, the study seeks to address the dearth of comprehensive data on medical cannabis. The researchers will meticulously follow the 10,000 patients throughout their initial year or more of medical cannabis use, conducting multiple assessments to understand the nuances of their therapeutic journeys.

Closing the Data Gap:

Vandrey emphasized the availability of cannabis as a therapeutic across the majority of U.S. states but noted the lack of quality data comparable to that of other medicines. The study aspires to bridge this gap by providing clinicians with valuable insights into the health impacts of therapeutic cannabis use. Vandrey stated, “We hope to provide some starting points for understanding what types of products may or may not be helpful and what types of products may be more risky for use in certain populations or for certain therapeutic purposes.”

In-Depth Patient Tracking:

Collaborator Johannes Thrul highlighted the study’s focus on closely monitoring patients as they navigate their first year of medical cannabis use. The researchers anticipate that patients, in their initial exploration, may try different products to find those most effective for managing their symptoms. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of therapeutic cannabis use.

As the Johns Hopkins study unfolds, stakeholders anticipate that the outcomes will not only enhance medical cannabis knowledge but also contribute valuable insights to inform medical professionals and policymakers.

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