Hawaii Attorney General Supports Cannabis Legalization

The Hawaii Attorney General now supports the legalization of marijuana and pledges to work to enact reform within the next year

The attorney general of Hawaii says that her office will no longer be against marijuana legalization. Instead, it will work with lawmakers and other interested parties to help move the change forward.

During a committee hearing, Attorney General Anne Lopez (D), who was appointed by the governor in December but still needs to be confirmed for a full term by the Senate, was asked if the department would continue to “automatically oppose” legalization bills, as it has in the past.

“We will present that to the legislature in advance of the next session so that you can see it and see how you want to use it, ” was stated to senators.

The Senate did pass a bill to legalize cannabis for adults, but it has been stuck in the House for a year. Now, politicians and activists are focusing on 2024, which is also the year that the attorney general is looking at.

Since the session hasn’t finished yet, the Senate won’t have to start over with the bill next year. This could also give House lawmakers who are still undecided more time to talk about and improve the bill, as Speaker Scott Saiki (D) said he would like to do over the summer.

Lopez had a good hearing, and the breaking moment was a part of that.

Only one Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against her nomination on Wednesday. This means that the full Senate will almost certainly approve another key member of the governor’s team.

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