In Sacramento, the First Social Equity Cannabis Retailer Opens

In Sacramento, the First Social Equity Cannabis Retailer Opens

Under the CORE initiative of the city of Sacramento, the first social justice cannabis retail store in the state capital has opened for business. 

CBS News Sacramento reports that the city’s social equity program has helped launch the region’s first legal cannabis business. Rob Jackson and Lauren Carpenter’s Embarc is the first cannabis business to launch in the city thanks to CORE, a cannabis equity initiative that provides training to people in California who have been disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.

Approximately $20,000,000 is brought into the city of Sacramento each year from cannabis taxes and fees.

According to a report in Ganjapreneur, the research indicates that 10 of the forty citywide cannabis licenses are allocated for CORE participants in the capital city of California.

Embarc owner Rob Jackson revealed that members of his family have been arrested for offenses involving cannabis.

“People were incarcerated,” he stated. “It is quite satisfying to open a store.”

Jackson stated that Embarc, located on Mack Road in South Sacramento, has 20 employees who are all local.

“I’m proud that everyone who works here lives within seven miles,” he remarked.

Daniel Scott, one of the company’s first customers, told CBS News Sacramento that it is “good to know” that the store is owned by “someone who grew up in the town.”

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