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Federal Research Funding Opportunities

A New Online Resource Highlights Federal Marijuana Research Funding Opportunities

A federal health ministry is promoting a new website that lists active grants for cannabis research, gives an overview of projects that have already gotten government help, and shows a wide range of research topics that are being funded, according to a report by Marijuana Moment.

Cannabinoid research, cannabidiol research, and medicinal cannabinoid research are only a few of the areas covered by a new database that the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has made available.

The NCCIH has funded a wide range of research topics, which are described by the subject, principal investigators, universities involved, and more on the cannabis landing pages, which also list specific studies that have already been funded and ongoing opportunities for researchers looking for grant support.

The federal government has paid for research on the effects of cannabis on things like how the brain develops in children, depression, neuropathic pain caused by AIDS, and osteoarthritis.

The new database exclusively examines studies that have received federal money from the National Institutes of Health and their affiliated institutes; thus, it only provides a small snapshot of the whole scope of marijuana research. A common argument from anti-legalization groups is that cannabis has not been sufficiently investigated, and therefore the agency’s efforts to consolidate and publicize those findings are noteworthy.

Over 4,300 studies on marijuana and its parts were published in 2022. This is a direct refutation of this claim. This is a new annual record for research on the subject.

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