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CT Announced Adult-Use Sales Beginning

Officials in Connecticut have Announced that Adult-use Marijuana Sales will Begin

The first legal sales of marijuana for adults in Connecticut have been declared by the governor and the state’s regulatory bodies.

Existing medical cannabis clinics in Connecticut that have earned a hybrid license have been informed that they may begin selling marijuana for recreational purposes no sooner than 10 AM ET on January 10.

“I am proud of the hard work our team has done to meet the goal of opening adult-use sales in a safe, well-regulated market,” DCP Commissioner Michelle Seagull said in a press release. “We know that many people are excited to participate in this marketplace, whether as a business or a consumer, and we encourage adults who choose to purchase and consume these products to do so responsibly once sales begin on January 10.”

According to the rules, adults will be permitted to purchase up to 0.25 grams of cannabis flower or its equivalent in a single purchase. These restrictions “will be reviewed over time, and are in place to ensure businesses are able to maintain an adequate supply for both adult-use consumers and medical marijuana patients.”

Patients with medical marijuana cards can purchase up to five ounces per month.

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