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Cannabis Smoking Permitted at NY State Fair

Cannabis Smoking Now Permitted at NY State Fair

Organizers at the Great New York State Fair confirm cannabis consumption will be allowed this year in areas where tobacco smoking is allowed.

According to Ganjapreneur, “Cannabis smoking was allowed at the fair last year; however, organizers were reportedly reconsidering the policy following complaints.”

This year, there are six designated outdoor smoking areas around the perimeter of the fairgrounds where both cannabis and tobacco smokers will be able to light up.

Smoking is banned indoors in all fairground buildings and throughout most areas.

New York legalized adult-use cannabis last year and smoking lounges have been popping up around the state.

Since the legalization, cannabis smoking is now permitted wherever tobacco smoking is permitted.

However, according to WAMC Public Radio, Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed legislation that bans smoking in public parks and beaches, which includes tobacco and marijuana.

The news that cannabis smoking will be permitted at the fair has been met with mixed responses.

Syracuse neighbor and parent Richard Wood said, “If there are separate areas and, you know, where they are, you can stay away from those areas, especially if you have kids and you want to keep them away from that.”

On the other hand, Mike Caporin, of Syracuse, worried that the smell of marijuana might ruin his experience at the fair but added, “I think if they have designated smoking areas and it’s not going to affect everyone else that’s walking by, then that would be OK.”

Sean Hennessey, interim fair director, said he understands the worries about smoking near children and that security staff will guarantee that participants follow the regulations and stay in the designated smoking areas.

“I’m a father of four,” Hennessey said. “I try to be as health conscious as I can, but we want to make sure people with those habits have an ability to take care of those things while at the fairgrounds.”

Live cannabis plants are not allowed to be displayed at the farm exhibits hosted at the fair. 

The six designated smoking areas will be posted on the fair website as soon as they’re decided upon.

The event runs from August 24-September 5 and tickets are now on sale.

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