Cannabis Activists Rally in Thailand

Activists Rally in Thailand to Maintain Cannabis’ Legal Status

According to the Associated Press, cannabis advocates, farmers, and smokers rallied outside of Government House in Bangkok, the headquarters of Thailand’s national government, to discourage officials from recriminalizing the plant.

The event, attended by some 200 supporters, was held in response to reports that government officials were considering reversing the country’s cannabis decriminalization measures.

The government of Thailand removed cannabis from the country’s list of illegal drugs, thus decriminalizing the use of the drug. Officially, cannabis plants and cannabis-based products are legal, but not for recreational use, thanks to moves taken by parliament in June to legalize the commerce and production of cannabis on a national basis and permit the sale of items having less than 0.2% THC.

Medical marijuana was legalized in June, but the lack of legislation regulating its cultivation and sale allowed recreational marijuana to develop. Demonstrators oppose restoring drug prohibitions.

The Public Health Ministry removed marijuana from its list of “narcotic” drugs, decriminalizing its sale and use.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvikul sees economic potential in medical marijuana and believes it could help Anutin’s Bhumjai Thai Party’s farmer voters.

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