Adult-Use Legalization in Maryland

Adult-Use Legalization Campaign Support Launches in Maryland

The Yes on 4 campaign launched with a promotional video and website.The campaign is advocating for the legalization of cannabis for adults in the state. They argue that the legalization would help to reduce crime, raise revenue, and improve access to medicine.


Former National Football League player-turned-cannabis businessman Eugene Monroe is chairing a new campaign aimed at legalizing cannabis nationwide.


Supporters of the Maryland adult-use legalization campaign kicked off their efforts on Monday with a launch event in Baltimore. The Yes on 4 campaign aims to legalize possession of up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis and grow two marijuana plants out of public view for adults 21 and older, beginning July 1, 2023.


According to the Washington Post report, the campaign started with a website and video urging voters to support legalization. The campaign is relying on funding from Trulieve, an industry giant with dispensaries in eight states. Trulieve is listed as giving $50,000 to the cause, and the only other donor is Blended Public Affairs, which gave $100.


The Yes on 4 website says, “In November, we have the chance to LEGALIZE CANNABIS for every Maryland adult over 21 years old. QUESTION 4 will be on your ballot on November 8th. We all need to vote YES to end the war on weed and bring new money for small businesses, education and public services. Maryland is home to three of the top ten counties across the US for the highest marijuana possession incarcerations. Maryland already has a highly successful medical cannabis industry – but not everyone can use this market right now. Now is the time to legalize cannabis for all adults. Votes Yes on 4! “


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