Believe Cannabis Will Boost Economies

71% of Americans Believe Cannabis Boosts State Economies, According to a Recent Survey

According to a survey conducted by Real Estate Witch, 71% of Americans think cannabis legalization is good for state economies, and while only 52% of respondents said they would consider purchasing a home directly next to an adult-use cannabis dispensary, 69% said they would purchase a home within a mile of such a business.

Over half (56%) of respondents polled said they would buy a home close to a medical cannabis store if it were priced at or above the fair market value.

According to the survey of 1,000 U.S. residents, 37% of respondents most regularly used the term “weed” to describe cannabis, with “marijuana” (33%), “cannabis” (12%), “pot” (10%), “bud” (4%) and “ganja” (2%) following closely behind. Among those polled, only 1% used the word “herb” or “reefer” to describe cannabis, while only 0.6% used the word “grass.”

Roughly 84% of Americans say they would vote to legalize medicinal cannabis, whereas 70% say they would vote to legalize recreational cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound isolated from cannabis that has numerous putative health benefits and is proven not to provide the “high” associated with pure cannabis, is surprisingly more popular than allowing medical cannabis use. Even though cannabidiol has a better reputation among medical professionals, patients are more likely to choose cannabis for medical purposes (84% vs. 75%).

Another 41% of respondents shared this optimistic view, anticipating a mass exodus to states that have legalized cannabis for adults. Where cannabis is legal, 27% of respondents think property values go up, while 16% think they go down due to legalization.

Although 84% of those who say they support full cannabis legalization also support erasing or expunging records of convicted offenders, just 48% of those polled strongly support expunging nonviolent, cannabis-related records of offenders. The likelihood that a person who supports full legalization would also favor expunging records is five times higher than that of someone who does not support legalization in any form.

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