Wyoming Draft Bill Seeks to Ban Hemp-Derived THC Products

Wyoming Draft Bill Seeks to Ban Hemp-Derived THC Products

In Wyoming, a draft bill has been proposed that could potentially ban hemp-derived THC products and any other hemp items intended for human consumption. The bill is part of an ongoing effort to address concerns about the safety and regulation of such products in the state.

Under this proposed legislation, all hemp products containing any detectable amount of natural or synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, would be prohibited. This would also encompass any production of hemp intended for human consumption.

Justin Loeffler, CEO and founder of the Wyoming Hemp Co., expressed his understanding of the lawmakers’ concerns regarding these products. However, he emphasized that the proposed measure primarily targets trace amounts of THC, which are insufficient for users to experience any intoxicating effects.

Loeffler compared the focus on trace THC amounts to other everyday items. He stated, “If we’re talking about trace amounts of things, we need to take all Teflon pans off the shelf, because everybody has Teflon in their bodies, and that causes cancer.”

State Sen. Bill Landen (R) provided insight into the motivation behind the proposed bill. He explained that concerns had arisen over minors using delta-8 THC products. In a previous incident, six high school students had to seek emergency medical attention after ingesting delta-8 THC products.

Earlier this year, another measure was introduced in the state House to address this issue. The bill sought to restrict the sale of such products to individuals aged 21 and older. Unfortunately, the bill failed to advance past the committee stage.

It’s important to note that the draft bill is primarily intended to initiate a policy discussion regarding the use and regulation of hemp-derived THC products in Wyoming. There is no guarantee that it will progress beyond this initial discussion phase, and its fate remains uncertain as stakeholders and lawmakers continue to debate the issue.

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