Roanoke College to Offer Cannabis Studies Major

Roanoke College to Offer Cannabis Studies Major

Roanoke College is set to introduce a cannabis studies major starting next semester, making it the first four-year degree program of its kind in Virginia, as reported by The College Fix. DorothyBelle Poli, the program director, highlighted the diverse career paths graduates can pursue, including roles as growing/analysis scientists or business owners with enhanced knowledge in the cannabis industry. Poli also noted the potential for students to double major in business, emphasizing the program’s interdisciplinary nature.

The curriculum will cover various aspects of cannabis, from its botany and history to policy issues surrounding its legalization. Students can choose between two major tracks: cannabis science and social justice. The science track will delve into botany, biology, and chemistry, while the social justice track will focus on government policies, historical contexts, and the impact of cannabis regulation on different communities. Additionally, Roanoke College will offer a minor in cannabis studies.

Kathy Wolfe, the college’s vice president for academic affairs, praised the initiative, emphasizing its role in addressing educational gaps and positioning Roanoke College as a leader in science, policy, business, and community engagement.

The cannabis studies major underscores a growing interest in cannabis-related education and reflects evolving attitudes toward the industry. With opportunities for careers in fields such as law, social work, education, accounting, and politics, the program aims to prepare students for a range of professional pathways in this burgeoning sector.

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