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Survey Reveals Divide in American Attitudes Towards Regulation of Marijuana, Tech, and Social Media

A new poll shows that Americans think marijuana should be regulated less than it is currently. On the other hand, they want more regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, social media, electric vehicles, and coal, according to a report by Marijuana Moment.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll asked voters about a wide range of national issues, such as how they feel about federal rules for eight consumer products. For each item, they were asked if they thought the federal government should regulate it more, less, or keep it the same as it is now.

A majority of respondents (45%) said there should be fewer rules about cannabis, while 22% said the rules should stay the same, and 33% said there should be more rules. Voters were more likely to say that marijuana should have fewer rules than anything else in the survey. The only thing that people were less likely to say should be more regulated than cannabis was gas stoves.

The poll, which interviewed 2,050 registered voters between January 18 and 19, shows that more and more people agree that prohibition is not working as it is.

A recent survey from Data for Progress found that a strong majority of American voters, including most Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, support making marijuana legal at the federal level.

A November poll from the Pew Research Center found that only one in ten Americans think that marijuana should still be illegal in every way.

According to the most recent survey, the federal government’s only role in regulating marijuana has been to enforce the law against it. However, lawmakers have put forward a number of proposals in recent years to either de-schedule it and leave the issue to the states or set up a regulatory system for the plant.

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