Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Takes Action: Seeks Revocation of Licenses for 165 Cultivation Facilities Over Signage Violations

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Takes Action Seeks Revocation of Licenses for 165 Cultivation Facilities Over Signage Violations

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is taking steps to revoke licenses for 165 cultivation facilities across the state. The grounds for this action stem from the facilities’ failure to adhere to signage requirements mandated by a bill that came into effect last year.

Under the legislation, licensed medical cannabis cultivators in Oklahoma are obligated to display a sign featuring their business name, phone number, address, and business license number. Failure to comply within 60 days after license renewal allows for the immediate revocation of their license.

Adria Berry, OMMA Executive Director, emphasized the agency’s commitment to upholding state laws and regulations, stating, “As a regulatory body, it’s our job to ensure the licensed medical marijuana industry is in compliance. Consistent regulation is essential for shaping a balanced and well-regulated cannabis market in our state.”

Berry applauded compliant businesses, acknowledging those who took the necessary steps to display proper signage. The move by OMMA highlights the agency’s proactive approach in maintaining a regulated and compliant medical cannabis market.

Over the past year, OMMA inspectors conducted nearly 7,000 inspections and 4,600 operational status visits. These efforts resulted in the seizure of nearly five tons of illicit cannabis, the closure of an entire dispensary, and the embargo of around 3,000 pounds of cannabis and nearly 71,200 plants.

Furthermore, OMMA has played a pivotal role in assisting law enforcement partners throughout the state, participating in over 114 instances. This includes executing 13 search warrants leading to arrests and conducting 65 location visits to address various complaints.

Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program, known for its permissive nature, has been subject to ongoing legislative efforts aimed at enhancing regulations and curbing the diversion of medical cannabis products. The recent actions by OMMA underscore the state’s commitment to maintaining a well-regulated and compliant cannabis industry.

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