Gallup Poll Reveals Historic Support Over 70% of U.S. Adults Back Cannabis Legalization

Gallup Poll Reveals Historic Support: Over 70% of U.S. Adults Back Cannabis Legalization

The latest Gallup poll unveiled an unprecedented level of support for cannabis legalization among U.S. adults, surpassing 70% and marking a substantial increase from the previous three years’ record of 68%. The survey, released on November 8, indicated that only 28% of respondents opposed the reforms, with 1% expressing uncertainty.

Notably, in 1969, when Gallup initially posed the question about legalizing cannabis, a mere 12% favored the reforms. The recent surge in support underscores a remarkable shift in public sentiment over the decades.

Cannabis legalization garnered widespread approval across various demographics, with 91% of self-identified liberals, 87% of Democrats, 52% of self-identified conservatives, 55% of Republicans, and 70% of independents expressing support. Across age groups, respondents aged 18-34 exhibited robust backing for the reforms at 79%, followed by 71% among those aged 35-54, and 64% among those 55 and older.

Gallup emphasized the absence of significant differences in support based on gender, race, or education. Additionally, regional variations were observed, with lower support for legalization in the East compared to the West and Midwest, aligning with recent trends.

Interestingly, the poll found no discernible difference in support for legalization between residents in states where recreational use was already legal at the time of the survey and those in states with more restrictive laws.

The Gallup poll illuminates a remarkable consensus on cannabis legalization, transcending demographic and geographic boundaries. As the nation undergoes a transformative shift in public opinion, these findings underscore the growing bipartisan backing for cannabis reform.

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