NY Officials Clarify Delivery Rules

Officials in New York explain Marijuana Delivery Rules before Dispensaries Open

Before recreational dispensaries open in New York, officials are outlining regulations for the companies that will provide consumers with marijuana delivery.


Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) standards allow licensees to use a warehouse for shipping while their retail locations are being constructed.


Adults over the age of 21 could place prepaid orders over the phone or online, as long as they followed the delivery restrictions. Warehouse visitors were unable to make purchases in person. A service provider can only employ up to 25 drivers at once.


Since it was previously believed that sales wouldn’t begin until DASNY established the Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) shops, the announcement of these recommendations signals a change in how regulators are approaching the debut of the adult-use market. Disagreements have arisen over DASNY’s rollout strategy, but the agency announced that it had inked the first lease for a cannabis retail store.


The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) chose the first 36 dispensary licenses and a set of rules for the industry last month. This was a big step forward, and it came just days after officials picked 10 teams of firms to build about 150 “turn-key” storefronts for social equity marijuana retailers to use when the market opens.


Most of the new businesses will be run by people who have been affected by the justice system because of the war on drugs. Others will be run by non-profits that have a history of helping people get back into society after being in jail.


Even though regulators are praising the new rules, there has been a problem with the rollout to retailers. Recently, in response to a lawsuit, a federal judge issued an injunction that temporarily stops regulators from approving CAURD licenses in some parts of the state, such as Central New York and Brooklyn.


The regulations are currently going through a 60-day comment period before going into effect.


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