NJ Cannabis Area Rules Released

New Jersey Regulators Issue New Rules Regarding On-Site Marijuana Consumption Areas

Authorities in the Garden State are working on new rules that will legalize cannabis consumption lounges for anyone over the age of 21, according to a recent report by Marijuana Moment.

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) says it, “expects the new cannabis consumption area rules to have a beneficial social impact by advancing social equity, while allowing persons 21 years of age and older another venue to safely enjoy the personal use of cannabis.”

If this bill passes when the 60-day public comment period ends on March 18, local governments will be able to pass laws permitting consumption places, which must be tied to licensed businesses.

People could bring their own food or order delivery, but businesses couldn’t sell food or drinks at the facilities. Patients who needed medical marijuana could bring home marijuana products they bought from different dispensaries.

The places to eat and drink could be inside or outside. The cost of a license for a micro business that wants to add a consumption area will be $1,000, while the cost for a standard business will be $5,000. They would have to be given approval every year.

Last month, the NJ-CRC voted to approve the proposed rules, and now they are out in the open so that the public can comment on them. The public comment period is open until March 18 for people to weigh in on the proposed rules.

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