New York Releases Retail Dispensary Regulations

New York Releases Retail Dispensary Regulations

Social equity license holders will be given priority at the first 150 retail outlets selling products for adults according to a report in MjBizDaily.

New York state authorities published rules for Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary licenses, outlining everything from minimum square footage requirements to how to handle drive-thrus and deliveries. Rules cover things like how much paperwork must be kept and kept for how long, as well as how many employees must be trained and what hours they must work.

Rules prohibit “similarity to items or words that relate to products that are generally associated or advertised in a manner so as to be attractive to individuals under 21,” as well as “fonts and images that could be attractive to individuals under 21,” as outlined on packaging. The names “candy” or “candies” are prohibited throughout the laws, along with its variations such as “kandy” and “kandeez,” unless they are part of a strain name, licensee name, corporate name, or doing business as name.

According to the rules reported in an article by Ganjapreneur, dispensaries are not allowed on the same street as schools or within 500 feet of school property, and they are not allowed within 200 feet of a place of worship.

Unless local ordinances are passed, cannabis companies catering to adults will be shut down between the hours of midnight and eight in the morning.

Retailers with a valid license may sell cannabis, hemp products, cannabis paraphernalia, stationary, gifts, and “other minor incidentals,” as well as branded stuff bearing the licensee’s name, but only from distributors with their own valid licenses (in adult sizes only). No commercial enterprise may sell cannabis-related promotional products or cannabis-related giveaways.

Despite rising worries from local operators and experts, the timeline reaffirmed Governor Kathy Hochul’s early October assertion that the state is “on track” to operate 20 adult-use outlets this year.

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