New Hampshire Allows Reciprocity for Medical Cannabis Patients

New Hampshire Allows Reciprocity for Medical Cannabis Patients

New Hampshire has implemented a reciprocity policy, enabling medical cannabis patients from other U.S. states and Canada to access cannabis products within the state. Under this law, visiting patients with valid medical cannabis identification from another state or Canada can purchase medical cannabis from New Hampshire dispensaries up to three times per year.

The reciprocity provision extends to out-of-state patients with documented medical conditions that align with New Hampshire’s qualifying conditions list. These patients have the same purchasing frequency as in-state qualifying patients, offering them the certainty of safely accessing therapeutic cannabis while visiting the state.

Visiting patients must present their out-of-state medical cannabis ID card along with matching photo identification. New Hampshire state law imposes a possession limit of 2 ounces per patient, and all patients, both in-state and visiting, are restricted to purchasing a maximum of 2 ounces of cannabis within any 10-day period.

New Hampshire currently houses seven medical cannabis dispensaries, providing patients with a range of options throughout the state. This progressive step toward reciprocity aims to accommodate individuals with severe medical conditions, ensuring that they can find relief and access therapeutic cannabis while visiting New Hampshire.

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