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Senate of Minnesota Considers Cannabis Legalization Bill

Senate of Minnesota Considers Cannabis Legalization Bill

According to KARE11, a Minnesota Senate committee heard testimony this week on a bill to legalize cannabis for adult use, marking the first time any committee in the chamber has taken up legalization legislation. Democratic Senator Lindsey Port has introduced legislation that would legalize cannabis sales to the general public and incorporate expungement measures.

“Senate File 73 sets the tax rate for cannabis products, provides business development grant programs, will have an automatic expungement program, as well as setting up an expungement panel for higher-level offenses,” Senator Port revealed before the Senate’s Committee on Public Safety.

Senator Lindsey Port introduced Senate File 73, which would make it legal for businesses to sell marijuana in the state as long as they follow strict rules. It would also let people with minor marijuana convictions get their records cleared.

There have been previous versions of the law that have passed the state House but were never taken up by the Senate since both chambers had been under Republican control until last November, when Democrats won majorities in both chambers, according to a report by Ganjapreneur.

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