Minnesota Proposal Seeks to Double Home Grow Limits for Medical Cannabis Patients

Minnesota Proposal Seeks to Double Home Grow Limits for Medical Cannabis Patients

A proposal in the Minnesota House of Representatives could bring significant changes to the state’s medical cannabis program. According to a report by CBS News, the new proposal aims to double the home grow limits for registered medical cannabis patients from 8 to 16 plants. Additionally, patients would be allowed to designate caregivers to grow cannabis on their behalf.

Under current Minnesota law, adults aged 21 or older can grow up to eight cannabis plants, with a maximum of four flower plants at once. However, this proposal seeks to expand the limits specifically for individuals registered with the state’s medical cannabis program. The move is seen as a way to provide more flexibility and accessibility for patients who rely on cannabis for medical purposes.

Representative Jessica Hanson (D) emphasized the importance of increasing home grow limits for medical cannabis patients, stating, “As it stands, people with disabilities and conditions that qualify them to be on the medical program can only grow their own if they know how to, if they can afford to, if their condition or living situation allows them to or if they know someone who will gift them homegrown products.”

Minnesota’s medical cannabis program was established in 2014 and covers 19 qualifying conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress syndrome. While the state legalized adult-use cannabis last year, the launch of the adult-use market is not expected until next year at the soonest.

In the meantime, the state’s cannabis regulators have implemented new restrictions on hemp-derived cannabinoid products. This decision came after an investigation revealed that many products available at hemp retailers tested above the legal delta-9 THC limit.

The proposed changes to home grow limits for medical cannabis patients reflect ongoing efforts to improve access to cannabis for those who rely on it for medical purposes. With the potential expansion of home cultivation rights, patients may have greater autonomy in managing their treatment plans.

As the proposal progresses through the legislative process, stakeholders will be closely monitoring its developments and assessing its potential impact on patients, caregivers, and the broader cannabis community in Minnesota.

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